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Join the CCIN Consulting Program and become our client

At CCIN, we bring together top talent from diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge to do our best to create value for our clients, solving practical problems at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

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Whether you're a technology inventor looking to determine the best route to commercializing a new technology, an organizer looking to help improve your company's performance and efficiency, or looking for a way to enter a new market, solve problems with Oxbridge's top students With our capabilities and CCIN's unique think tank resources, we are able to provide tailored strategic consulting to empower you.

We only require a minimum investment of your time

We will only require you to provide the necessary information about the project or technology and minimize your effort and time on the project. All content you provide is confidential and protected by our non-disclosure agreement, which is signed by all CCIN Consulting Program participants.

CCIN provides consulting services to our clients free of charge. Our client retains all intellectual property rights related to the project and retains any outcomes and potential benefits after the project is completed.

In order to provide the most suitable solution for your needs at the end of the project, we invite you to participate in the project in the following stages:

❖ Participate in our first client meeting to briefly introduce your technology or project and explain your requirements to complete this project

❖Participate in discussions on issues raised by our consultants during the project

❖Listen to weekly work summaries and interim progress reports and provide feedback to our consultants.

❖ Participate in the final project presentation and evaluate the work done by our consulting team






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