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Insight Value


Accelerate innovation

Solve various problems and challenges raised by customers, meet customers' customized needs, and help them succeed in future development. Our services include but are not limited to:

1) Find and expand new business models

2) Intellectual property strategy analysis

3) Product verification and assist in formulating the company's initial fundraising strategy

market insights

The CCIN consultancy programme is carried out by outstanding Oxbridge student advisers. Student advisors with relevant industry and professional knowledge help clients find market gaps, analyze consumer pain points, and help clients discover potential markets for emerging technologies with the support of comprehensive industry research and data analysis.

business plan

Based on the strong academic platform of Oxbridge, it explores cutting-edge research and emerging technologies, promotes the exchange of interdisciplinary scholars, industry experts and investors, and is committed to finding new business applications and investment opportunities. We will promote collaboration between academia and industry to uncover the drivers that accelerate the development of emerging technologies and innovations

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