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Frontier Technology Insights

More and more new technologies emerge and iterate in the fields of biotechnology, medical health, new energy, new materials and electronics, information and communication, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.


Constantly changing the way we live and understand the world

We can only benefit from these new technologies if we fully understand and appreciate them


There are more and more scientific and technological directions, and the content is more and more complex

Makes it more difficult to fully grasp new technologies and apply them to solve real problems


What new technology do you need to solve today's problems?

Which technologies are most likely to impact your organization?

How will they change the world for you?


Many Chinese scientific research institutions, technology enterprises, and investment institutions are very concerned about Cambridge's scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations, and want to master new technologies and core technologies that lead the world. However, due to the lag in their understanding of the latest scientific and technological developments in Cambridge, their lack of understanding of some research and a lack of thorough understanding of some cutting-edge technologies, it is difficult for them to cooperate with Chinese scholars more deeply and widely.

Business Presentation

CCIN Frontier Technology Insights Group

Consists of Ph.D and postdoc from Cambridge University who understand

Research hotspots in the field

The latest scientific breakthroughs

New technologies and new directions

Advantages and disadvantages of new technology

Future developments in the field


Comprehensive and in-depth technical insights

Dig deep into the latest scientific research results of the University of Cambridge

Connecting top scientists and innovators

Analyzing the dynamics and outcomes of the Cambridge startup scene

Financial Report
Reach the Top

​success with you

Helping you stay ahead of market and technology shifts

Help you solve existing technical challenges

Help you convert and upgrade products

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