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Join the CCIN Consulting Program and become our most respected program mentor

Would you like to share your unique industry expert perspective and valuable experience accumulated in the process of corporate development or strategic consulting with our new generation of top student consultants and project leaders from Cambridge University? You are welcome to join our CCIN Consulting Program as our most respected and unique program mentor. As a project mentor, you can establish direct contacts with the most innovative start-up entrepreneurs and inventors in the Cambridge University science and technology circle with the world's top scientific research capabilities, and have the opportunity to find a future among the world's cutting-edge technologies business cooperation opportunities.


Recruitment goals for project mentors

We are committed to finding industry experts and senior industry veterans with extensive experience in corporate operations management, strategic consulting or venture capital to serve as our project mentors. You will participate in the CCIN consulting project with our young student advisors, and use your rich industry experience, professional knowledge and industry contacts to guide and help our consultant team to complete all the expected results of the project and deliver them to the target customers, Create real value for customer enterprises.


What can you expect from being a program mentor?

Serving as a project mentor in the CCIN consulting program is a great way for you to use the valuable industry experience, expertise and business acumen you have acquired in your career to help our next generation of student consultants develop research and analytical skills, build with standardizing their strategic consulting methodology and guiding their future careers.

There are many benefits to joining our CCIN Consulting program mentor group, including:

❖Have insight into the latest start-ups and research results in the science and technology circle of Cambridge University, bring you a new vision of related industries, stimulate innovation inspiration, and promote more business cooperation opportunities in the future

❖You will connect directly with the University of Cambridge's community of start-up entrepreneurs and technology inventors, and expand and strengthen your social network across our diverse range of events

❖You will mentor top Cambridge students in the project, deepening your understanding of different types of learning styles and making you more aware of how to share your expertise with the public









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