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Cambridge-Oxford-London is the golden triangle of UK innovation resources, with batches of unicorns emerging

​ Cambridge is also known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, with abundant technology investment opportunities

CCIN is rooted in the forefront of deep-tech, focusing on the front line of technological innovation talents, and has a unique position to contact and connect excellent potential investment projects.


​Why choose CCIN



CCIN is the largest and strongest technology and China-focused organization in the Oxbridge region. CCIN 40+ builders are outstanding students and scholars from Cambridge and Oxford universities, of which 60+% are PhD candidates, covering engineering, computer science, finance, legal affairs, life sciences, education, etc. We are dedicated, professional and dedicated Society creates value.



CCIN global think tank composed of 1500+ well-known scholars and experienced professionals


PI from Cambridge University, high-level executives of science and technology companies and listed companies as consultants

Frontier & Unique Investment Opportunities

Based on the powerful academic platform of Oxbridge, get in touch with first-hand technological breakthroughs, connect closely with innovators, and explore cutting-edge research and emerging technologies

​CCIN will succeed with you

• Become our partner, participate in our activities, run projects together, and let CCIN create value for you

• Become our strategic partner, assist CCIN in carrying out activities and projects, and create value together

• Become our core partner to jointly develop and operate new projects, empower and create value for all parties


If you would like to know more details about CCIN activities, please contact us for a specific introduction to each project.

If you have new ideas and special willingness to cooperate, CCIN is highly flexible and will be able to discuss cooperation methods with you

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