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​Cambridge Talk


We will select the direction worthy of attention in the six major fields of new energy, new materials, information electronics, biomedicine, applied technology, and data intelligence, and the scholars at Cambridge University will show you the fascinating places of science


new energy 

(thermoelectric conversion, artificial photosynthesis, flow batteries, lithium-ion batteries)


new material

(Origami, perovskites, silicon carbide, plasmonic metasurfaces, organic semiconductors, metallic hydrogen, 2D materials, quantum dots)


Information Electronics

(Nanofiber Electronic Devices, 5G Communication, Power Devices)



(New coronavirus, DNA strand displacement reaction, MRI diagnosis, artificial biological tissue, drug delivery)


Applied Technology

(Superconducting technology, monitoring urban traffic, wireless charging, spectrometer, smart building, image recognition, MRI)


data intelligence

(machine learning to screen new materials, unmanned driving)


To be continued, please follow us, stay tuned!

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