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A win-win platform for scholars

Scientific research - cooperation - science and technology innovation

Cambridge China Innovation Network is a non-profit organization initiated by Cambridge scholars, aiming to become a bridge between Cambridge scholars' research-cooperation-scientific innovation. Share the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological development of Chinese innovators in Cambridge; promote interdisciplinary scholars to learn, exchange and cooperate with each other; free entrepreneurial consultation; strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China, and gain insight into cutting-edge technologies.


CCIN Mission

Build a bridge between scientific research-cooperation-innovation to benefit the vast number of Chinese scholars in Cambridge.


Focus on the latest scientific research trends of Chinese scholars and promote exchanges and cooperation.


Help Chinese scholars to innovate in science and technology and transform scientific research results.

Why CCIN was created

Question 1: Over the years in Cambridge, we have found that it is not easy to keep abreast of and learn about new breakthroughs in different subject areas at Cambridge. There is no platform that allows us to obtain this information in a convenient and timely manner. Although we can occasionally see some big news of scholars, the outstanding work and scientific research trends of more Chinese Cambridge scholars have not been timely understood by scholars from different fields. This makes us lose a lot of potential communication, learning and cooperation opportunities.

Question 2: It is not easy to learn new knowledge across disciplines. We want to have an ecosystem that belongs to scholars so that we can better understand the beauty of interdisciplinary science and find new inspiration for scientific research.


Question 3: We often hear from our partners asking what is the use of our research? (Ph.D's self-doubt) How does the new technology in the laboratory compare with the mature technology in the market? We feel that part of the doubts come from not fully understanding the market and the industrial world; not fully understanding how to transform scientific research results; not having the time/resources to think about scientific and technological innovation.


Question 4: It just so happens that there are many excellent students in Cambridge who will engage in non-academic work (or want to try work other than scientific research) after graduation. Some students want to participate in scientific research consulting projects in their spare time, so as to cultivate professional skills, accumulate professional experience, and try and prepare for their future careers.


CCIN established


The 2020 epidemic has further increased the cost of communication among scholars, disciplines, and fields. We want to gather everyone's strength and wisdom to solve the above problems and benefit the vast number of Chinese scholars.

We took advantage of the spare time of scientific research to build CCIN, hoping to bring together the Chinese scientific and technological innovation resources of Cambridge, let more people participate in CCIN, gather everyone's strength to help each other, communicate and cooperate with each other, so that everyone and organizations can benefit from it, Let's break through the frontier of science and technology together!

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